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EdinburghApps wants to change the city, by providing creative, customer driven solutions to city challenges. It aims to work with everyone interested in making this change happen.

Launched in 2013, it is the first event of its kind in the UK and offers winners business support and the potential opportunity to work with the Council to develop their concepts further. Participants choose from challenges set by the Council around a number of key themes.

The 2016 annual event was launched on 6th February, and welcomed 50 participants and guests to the School of Informatics Forum to hear more about this year's theme Health and Wellbeing.

EdinburghApps 2016 began with a design weekend on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th February at the Informatics Forum in Edinburgh. The weekend was led by service design agency Snook. A midway day followed on Saturday 27th February that provided further time for development and design.

We're keen to work with partners to support delivery of our Open Data strategy. Take a look at The City’s of Edinburgh Council's Open Data Strategy


We are delighted to announce the successful completion of the EdinburghApps 2016 programme, which started on Saturday 6th February 2016 and was hosted at the Informatics Forum at Edinburgh University.

How EdinburghApps works

EdinburghApps is a competition which is looking for new ideas and concepts to solve city challenges. By the end of the competition rTeams will have a well thought out and tested proposal, with an early planning approach in place about how they think their new solution could be delivered. We don’t want to see finished products at the competition because we want the winners to co-create with users and organisations, and build in feedback and learning to deliver a usercentric solution. We will help the teams throughout the competition because we want you to be ready to give a really fantastic pitch on the awards day!

If you have questions about our approach contact edinburghapps@edinburgh.gov.uk

EdinburghApps started with an inception weekend which gave those taking part the chance to build teams, pitch their ideas, develop their thinking and carry out initial product design. At the end of the weekend teams had been developed and had agreed ideas to focus on over the next few weeks.

Key dates

  • Inception Weekend – Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th February 2016
  • Midway Workshop – Saturday 27th February 2016
  • Final – Sunday 13th March 2016


We’re building up our open data sets and looking for city partners to contribute their data. Please visit our Open Data Portal and encourage anyone interested in using, developing and working with data to be part of EdinburghApps.

You can contribute your own visualisations or data mashups, make data requests or send a feature for our data stories. We will be sending out data challenges and looking for solutions to city challenges. Follow us on @edinburghapps to hear more about this.

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EdinburghApps 2016 Final

2016 Challenge theme - Health and Wellbeing

Challenge 1. The sweet point for making personal change - how do we help people make a behaviour change to improve their health and wellbeing. NHS Lothian Healthcare Innovation

Meet and Eat, a recipe for friendship

The idea is to invite students to meet over a meal, encouraging friendship and sharing of ideas and interests

Open Doors

Open Doors is an easy to use app designed for older people, and to answer the challenge set by NHS Lothian, Healthcare Innovation

Challenge 2 to introduce new safety and interesting features at key junctions/locations to make it more appealing to walk to school on a daily basis Sustrans Scotland

A game of walks

a digital game to encourage young people to walk more to school

Challenge 3 How do we seek and record the views of residents in care homes who have cognitive impairment and communication difficulties, ensuring that the needs and wishes of each person are valued and respected, The City of Edinburgh Council


This is a chat and communication platform, for use by older people, carers and support workers

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